Half-Life VR: episode one on the way

We’re currently in the process of wrapping up the latest release of Half-Life VR, which will include HL2: episode 1 VR support.  Over the last month a lot of work has gone into the mod, in both new features and fixing bugs (many of which are just elements of the source engine that just didn’t translate to VR very well). While the razer hydra is perfectly fine for our current work, we’re really looking forward to adding sixense STEM support when the developer kits come out next year and have plenty of ideas for ways to utilize the additional trackers.

In addition to working out the issues in Episode 1, here’s a list of some of the features that’ll be included in the next release:

  • Hud integrated in-game – You’ll notice in the video the HUD is not integrated in-game and shows the weapon ammo information directly on the side of the gun.  On the back of gordon’s right hand you’ll see an HEV overlay showing health and suit stats (like looking at a watch).
  • Fixed aim vectors – the dirty little secret (or maybe obvious part if you played much ) of the last release was that the weapons were still shooting from eye center the same way they normally do in source games. This is corrected now (as it was in the older 2007 versions of the mod).
  • Reworked gravity gun and physical interactions to allow more control with hydras
  • Added dynamic lighting effects to muzzle flashes and tracers
  • New barrel smoke (Left4Dead style) added to pistols and submachinegun
  • Shell ejections fixed on all weapons and added to the pistol
  • A lot of rework on weapons and animations
  • FOV fixes for all cutscenes
  • A bunch of hydra initialization / calibration bug fixes