Here is a list of the latest Half-life VR installers available for download.  As new releases come out I’ll include them here.

Half-life VR 1.2 for windows – full (latest)


7 thoughts on “Downloads

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  3. Great mod…but it’s a pitty that after the first half of the game…the gun disapears and becomes in someway unusable…which for a shooter is kind of a must…i will probably have to wait till official support will be available…but a great experience never the less…

    Kind regards


    • I’ve never been able to trigger it playing through multiple times on a couple of machines but if you can let me know what section was loading I’ll take a look, that’s an unfortunate game destroying bug when it does happen.

      • I had that same problem happen to me. Luckily, I had previous saves and just went back to an earlier point, then didn’t have that problem after that. It happened in Ravenholm, as I went into the section of the game that looks like several connected small alleys, with white crabhead zombies that lurch toward you from different alleys, and keep respawning after you kill them. One of the alleys has a chainlink fence with a latch on he door. I got to the part where it loads that part of the map, and suddenly all my items were gone.

        By the way, thanks for making the mod! I just wrote a post about it on my blog. I think it’s the best game I’ve played on the rift.

      • Awesome, glad you enjoyed it. I’ve been working on an update that should among other things fix issue where you lose your gear on a map transition. It’ll also include episode 2 so there’ll be some new content to try if you’ve already played through everything in the current version.

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